5 Benefits You Must Know When Engaging A Third-Party Hardware Maintenance Provider

Published on 04 December 2018

The competitive landscape in every industry has made it imperative for businesses to reduce their costs, improve their efficiencies, and achieve new competitive advantages by innovating at a faster pace. They are now increasingly reliant on digital technologies to achieve all these objectives. The IT departments play crucial strategic roles in the organisations’ growth stories today. However, the IT heads are under intense pressure to deliver on their department’s mandate without blowing up their budget. Therefore, IT heads are actively looking for ways to achieve cost-savings and improve the productivity of their department. One of their most preferred choices is engaging a third-party hardware maintenance provider.

Bringing a third-party hardware maintenance (TPM) provider offers a multitude of advantages to organisations. Here are the top five ways:

Significant Cost Savings

TPM providers can offer anywhere from 30% to 70% cost savings in comparison to OEM plans or allocating dedicated resources to maintaining your hardware. TPMs maintain hardware for multiple clients and have in-depth knowledge of a vast variety of technologies. So, they not only charge substantially lower prices, but also help you customise your digital infrastructure with hardware from multiple sources. This way, you are not stuck with one OEM, who have the vested interest to sell you their own products and solutions. With a TPM, you can find ways to reduce the cost of hardware by sourcing them from the most cost-effective and reliable sources when your hardware reaches the end of its lifecycle.

They Extend Your Hardware’s Life

It is a common practice in the IT industry for OEMs to phase out their older hardware to promote their newest rigs. If your hardware happens to be on the respective OEM’s end-of-life equipment list, you’ll soon find yourself without the necessary technical support. It is irrelevant that the hardware itself might be in its optimum condition. You cannot run it if you cannot be guaranteed timely support, lest you risk suffering sudden outages and loss of precious data. That’s where TPMs can come to your rescue. They can provide you with technical support and maintenance support even after your OEM has pulled the support plug on it.

TPMs can help extend the life of your technology, which offers you multiple benefits. You do not incur any downtimes because of migration from older to newer technology. Secondly, by extending the life of your existing hardware, TPMs bring you cost-savings by deferring your technology upgrade by a few months to a few years.

Flexible Contracts Terms

TPMs offer the most flexible contract terms to their customers. OEMs typically offer standardised plans that give businesses little room for customisation. On the other hand, businesses can enter into monthly, quarterly, yearly, or any other type of contracts to suit their unique requirement. They can even sign SLAs with them. More importantly, TPMs offer maintenance services for a variety of hardware products as their expertise is not limited to products of any one specific OEM. The advantage of multi-vendor support is that you can change your hardware or its components to suit your changing business requirements and the TPM will continue to maintain it, irrespective of which OEM you source your hardware from. In contrast, OEM maintenance agreements come with clauses that can terminate the support or at least limit it significantly when you replace their hardware components with other OEM components.

Strategic Growth Partners

TPMs are incredibly more flexible, agile, and accommodating of your needs. For this reason, they can be your success partners in many ways. If your organisation is experiencing rapid growth, TPMs would be happy to scale up or alter the terms of their maintenance services to suit your growing needs. Unlike OEMs, most TPMs allow businesses to terminate maintenance contracts with them without imposing any penalties. In summary, TPMs respond to your organisation’s needs faster and more effectively. This frees up your IT department’s skilled talent to focus their efforts into projects that add value to the organisation, such as product innovation, feature development, and so on.

Level Up Your Organisation IT

Given the numerous benefits offered by third-party hardware maintenance providers, IT departments in organisations across industries are choosing them over their OEM suppliers for critical support. By outsourcing hardware maintenance, you keep your IT talent focussed on more important projects and tasks that contribute to your organisation’s competitive advantage and sustainability in the longer run.

To identify the specific areas where a third-party hardware maintenance provider like AsiaPac can add value to your organisation and help you become more agile, efficient, and competitive, get in touch with Frances Pay, Business Manager, Managed Maintenance Services, AsiaPac by calling 6319 9055. Or download this e-leaflet for more information on how AsiaPac maintenance services can help extend the lifespan of your hardware.

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