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Published on 09 July 2021

AsiaPac (from M1) has more than 30 years of presence in Singapore and is a trusted and reliable partner in the Government, Education, Healthcare, Enterprise and Commercial sectors. Highly acclaimed for our Managed Services, Cloud and Enterprise Computing, we possess excellent references in implementing and on-boarding secured Hyper Converged Infrastructure (HCI), Hybrid Enterprise Cloud Infrastructure and Robotic Process Automation Projects.

 As a leading enterprise hybrid multi-cloud solutions provider, we partnered with our customers to accelerate business digital transformation with a comprehensive portfolio of ICT solutions and providing Cloud Best Practices in Consultation, Design & Deploy, Proactive Monitoring, Technical Support & Managed Services. AsiaPac’s market leadership stems from its strategy of consistently making the latest technology available to our customers in a timely and effective manner.

AsiaPac has an established Cloud Competency Centre to support our customers in their Cloud Journey transformation and adopt best industry practices.

Our Cloud consultants and architects use our Cloud Adoption Framework to recommend the Cloud Best Practices for our customers on infrastructure and enterprise applications migration to the Cloud platform. There are several strategies for migrating applications to new environments, including a phase-driven step-by-step strategy for migrating applications to the Cloud.

Cloud Migration – A Phased Approach

As a Cloud Managed Services Provider, we use DevOps Services to simplify Infrastructure provisioning and management, application code deployment, automating software release processes and monitoring application and infrastructure performances. AsiaPac’s DevOps platform is the combination of cultural philosophies, practices, and tools that increases customer’s ability to deliver applications and services at high velocity: evolving and improving products at a faster pace than organizations using traditional software development and infrastructure management processes. This speed enables our clients to better serve their customers and compete more effectively in the market.

Highlighted are two AWS projects that are undertaken by our Cloud Competency Centre.

Asian Payment Network (APN) Website Hosting on AWS


The NETS Group is a leading payments services group, enabling digital payments for merchants, consumers and banks across the entire payments value chain.  The NETS Group manages and operates the clearing and payment infrastructure for the Singapore Clearing House Association and core electronic transfer services FAST, Inter-bank GIRO and PayNow. It is the market leader for payment and clearing solutions (Real-Time Gross Settlement system and Cheque Truncation System) in the region.

NETS is a member of the Asian Payment Network and a council member of UnionPay International. AsiaPac partnered with the Asian Payment Network (APN) team when they plan to develop a platform for their cross-border transactions within the organization across 11 different countries which is aligned towards with an ASEAN Integration Card (AIC) transacted in the region.

Some of the key AWS Services undertaken by AsiaPc for the hosting of the project application on the AWS platform includes: 

  • Compute Services (EC2) to host the application stack
  • Storage Services like S3 for backup
  • AWS Simple Email Service to be used for the SMTP requirement for sending emails
  • AWS Route 53 service to be used for the DNS routing

Cloud Migration to AWS Platform


Founded as a General & Marine Insurance in 1975 and has been trusted by more than 50,000 clients over the years. g&m believe in making insurance easy for their clients as they listen to their clients’ needs and do the heavy lifting work if finding the plans that best match their needs, saving time and money and also making it easier to understand the available plans. 

g&m partnered with AsiaPac on their data centre digital transformation project to  migrate their on premise data centre applications  to the cloud on AWS. A key objective for this migration is to reduce the on-premise hardware procurement lead time and move to a more scalable, flexible and robust cloud environment.

Our cloud architects and consultants work with g&M on the various workloads for migration. This includes SAP application which is hosting the ERP portal, Active Directory Servers as well as front-end Web Servers.

Some of the key AWS Services undertaken by AsiaPac:

  • Compute Services (EC2) to host customers Web, SAP, AD servers
  • Storage Services like S3 for backups and Amazon FSx for Windows File Server
  • Data Migration Services like AWS DataSync for SAP Data migration
  • Networking Services like NAT Gateway, Site-to-Site VPN, Application Load Balancers, AWS Web Application Firewall etc.
  • AWS Client VPN Service for SSL VPN
  • AWS Backup Service for server level backup

For more AWS services, contact us. 

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