How IT Leaders Can Overcome Challenges in Hyperconvergence with Lenovo and Nutanix

Published on 18 April 2018

It is estimated that roughly 70 to 80 percent of annual IT budgets are spent on just running and maintaining the existing IT systems. The expense is not only in terms of hardware costs, but also in terms of the number of hours spent by the skilled IT talent on those systems. That’s a tremendous amount of resources spent on an absolutely non-productive aspect of IT. A majority of the small and medium businesses cannot afford to funnel such a significant part of their IT resources into something as unproductive as keeping the hardware systems running.

The solution? Lenovo Converged HX Series with Nutanix software.

Lenovo’s Converged HX series is a hyperconverged system which combines storage, computing, and networking aspects of IT into a seamlessly integrated appliance that simplifies complex IT processes and offers a complete turnkey system for managing a potentially limitless variety of workloads. Integrating Nutanix software onto Lenovo’s highly reliable and scalable servers, these appliances ship fully integrated, tested and configured so that you can dramatically accelerate your time to market and reduce your infrastructure maintenance time and costs.

Overcoming the Challenges Offered by Hyperconvergence

Hyperconvergence is a revolutionary approach to IT that is set to transform the way the IT department operates and enables small and medium businesses to take maximum advantage of their limited resources – both financial and human resources. But, like every new technology that has immense transformative potential, hyperconverged systems too face some challenges that enterprises must address.

1. Eliminate IT silos

Hyperconverged systems drastically simplify the IT infrastructure. It takes all the components of IT infrastructure that presently exist in silos and integrate them into one whole system, where those components cannot be separated.

Today’s IT infrastructure is complex, costly and increasingly difficult to manage in silos. Multiple generations and varieties of servers, operating systems, hypervisors, and storage devices require IT departments to spend all their time on maintenance instead of helping to grow the business.

Businesses can address this challenge by putting the IT team firmly at the center of their innovation strategy – New hyperconverged offerings from Lenovo help break down these silos to dramatically reduce server, storage and virtualization complexity in data centers of all sizes. Highly skilled IT talent can then be empowered and entrusted with roles that make effective use of their skills by focusing on feature, solutions, or product developments that add that competitive edge to businesses. By becoming a critical part of the strategic goals of the enterprise, such talent will prove to be more useful for businesses.

2. Reliable. Flexible. Scalable.

A multitude of hardware vendors in the market are touting their systems as the next generation of hyperconverged systems. But, the truth is that the hardware is just one component of the hyperconvergence framework. The importance of the other component, the software, is often overlooked. Secondly, scalability is not absolute.

Hyperconverged systems offer cloud-level flexibility in terms of scalability. Enhancing the hardware capacity is as simple as deploying another hyperconverged system to the existing infrastructure.

Of note, the Lenovo Converged HX Series integrates software from the market leader in hyperconvergence, Nutanix, onto Lenovo’s highly reliable and scalable servers. The flexible building block of fully integrated and tested compute, storage and preloaded virtualization management software enables businesses to easy scale out clusters to support accelerated business growth, all while containing data center footprint.

This means that businesses should be extra careful and not take anything for granted. They should get an in-depth understanding of the provisioning times, cost structures, reliability figures, and other aspects of the hyperconverged systems they are planning to deploy before they finalize them.

3. Superior platform

Hyperconvergence is an intensely competitive and crowded market, full of established tech giants and promising startups, all pushing their products over those of their competitors. Such a competitive landscape offers a unique problem. There is no guarantee that a particular vendor offering its own line of hyperconvergence platform will exist in the medium term. In other words, businesses cannot rely on every vendor for continued tech support, if they purchase its products.

Businesses can reduce their risk exposure by trusting an established player like Lenovo. Lenovo’s Converged HX Series systems combine the hyperconvergence market share leader, Nutanix’s software with Lenovo’s renowned, trusted and reliable x86 servers to deliver a complete turnkey system for the next generation of enterprise data centers. Lenovo’s world-class service support and its robust hardware systems have a solid reputation worldwide. Therefore, businesses can trust the brand to deliver superior products and services to help them transform their IT departments from support teams into innovation teams.


Lenovo Converged HX Series systems are fully pre-installed, pre-integrated, pre-configured, and tested products that can be deployed by businesses in as-in condition. They are fully scalable, highly reliable, and agile, all characteristics of a winning system to help businesses elevate their IT infrastructure to the next level. The generalized interface makes it effortless to manage the system.  Most importantly, the HX Series systems accelerate the process of deployment, and require minimum oversight, which means that IT teams can now focus their attention on more mission-critical tasks.

Contact us to learn more about Lenovo Converged HX Series systems and how they can replace almost all of your legacy IT hardware, drive down your costs, and transform your IT department into innovation teams.

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