Awards & Recognition

Our commitment to excellence, quality and integrity has been the fundamental principle of the business.

The values that we uphold have won us many accolades in the industry. Some of the awards include:

• Nutanix Top Partner OEM Sales for Lenovo HX Series for FY17
• Microsoft Hybrid Cloud and Infrastructure Platform Partner of the Year 2017
• Amazon Web Services (AWS) ASEAN Consulting Partner of the Year 2017
• Lenovo Top Commercial Growth, Partner of the Year 2016/17
• Fujitsu Best Business Developer of the Year 2016
• Fujitsu Best Mobility Computing Product Partner of the Year 2016
• Red Hat Top Channel Deal of the Year 2015
• Symantec Contribution Award of the Year 2014
• Symantec Top Growth of the Year 2013
• IBM Outstanding Revenue Performance of the Year 2012
• IBM Systems & Technology Group Significant Contributor of the Year 2011
• Sun Microsystem Partner of the Year 2007
• Singapore 1000 since 2005
• Fujitsu Best Distributor Award in Asian Region 2000


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