Cloud Consultancy

The business of cloud-based applications has gone beyond a novel way to store information, to become an instrumental tool in changing the way people conduct business.

Many businesses have taken the initiative to reinvent the wheel of technology to deliver their products and services via the cloud. With the complexities in the shifting computing landscape, engaging the right strategy to couple benefits from cloud computing offerings is crucial.

A well-defined proven strategy helps build the right cloud solution that operates reliably, scales efficiently and minimizes the effort and time required to maintain core infrastructure; and eventually, create cloud solutions that brings lasting value to your organization in Singapore.

We remain at the forefront of this advancement, giving you more options in virtualization of networks, storage, backup and security, offering a suite of cloud solutions and services in Singapore, centred around cloud technology. As a recognized leading cloud service provider based in Singapore, AsiaPac focuses on building sustainable cloud infrastructure platform for customers with Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure Cloud services.

AsiaPac uses a phased approach when deriving a Cloud Adoption Framework which consists of several steps.

  1. Cloud Assessment Phase
    • Assess Cost & ROI
    • Assess Architecture
    • Assess Security & Compliance
  2. Proof of Concept Phase
    • Learn the Cloud Platform
    • Build a Pilot
    • Build Support within Organization
  3. Data Migration Phase
    • Leverage different storage options
    • Migrate
  4. Application Migration Phase
    • Forklift Migration
    • Hybrid Migration Strategy
  5. Leverage the Cloud Phase
    • Auto-scaling
    • Automation
    • Elasticity
    • High Availability
  6. Optimization Phase
    • Utilization
    • Monitoring
    • Efficiency
    • Performance
    • Re-engineering
At AsiaPac, we will take you from one end to another, bringing your business through the digital age seamlessly. Our technical experts are also available for on-site consultations that give us a better idea of what your business requires. *AsiaPac is Amazon Web Services (AWS) ASEAN Consulting Partner of the Year 2017 and Microsoft Hybrid Cloud and Infrastructure Platform Partner of the Year 2017. Read below for some of our key cloud projects:


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