End User Computing

Mobility is the buzz word of the technologically advanced world, and connectivity is a prime concern for many individuals and businesses.

Whether you are constantly on the move or conducting your business in multiple locations, our tailored computing solutions comprising computer hardware, software and managed services allow you to be well prepared in any situation.

To be your one-stop solutions provider, our company offers a wide range of notebooks, desktops, tablet PCs and workstations, software, peripherals, solutions and services that cater to every organisation.

Our excellent track records in EUC management has provided us with in-depth experience for organisation of any size.

Today, our EUC products and services are available in the following modes:

  • Purchase
  • Lease
  • Rent (short-term or long term)
  • Device as a Service (DaaS)

We will package your device procurement with services to complement the device's complete life cycle.


Printers & Managed Services

Multi-functional Printers (MFPs) enable productivity improvements for office workers who can easily print, copy, scan, fax, store, and transmit documents from a networked device. To fully enjoy the benefits of these devices, they must be effectively managed.

Print management provides the tools to maximize the use of these devices. It ensures devices are available when needed and the existing capabilities are utilized productively and effectively. Print management allows you to proactively monitor activity and gain compliance with best practices.

With the latest innovations in technology and digital transformation, we offer the best printing solutions and managed print services to improve workflow, maximised cost-savings and improved productivity.

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