Enterprise Mobility Is the Single Most Important Strategy to Digitise Your Workforce – Here’s Why

Published on 07 March 2018

Enterprise Mobility is a novel approach to digitise your workforce and empower them with the right set of tools, technology, and devices to dramatically increase their productivity, while simultaneously providing them a secure platform for accessing and sharing sensitive corporate data.

According to Richard Esposito, GM Mobility Services, IBM Global Technology Services, the global mobile workforce will comprise 42.5% of the global workforce in 2022. As the workforce is increasingly going mobile, their devices are under constant threat of breaches, hacking, and being stolen along with sensitive corporate data. Businesses across the globe are under rising pressure to step up to this challenge, and they are doing it. Insight.com estimates that 91 percent of the businesses are in various stages of planning a corporate mobile strategy, while 62 percent have already implemented one.

Clearly, businesses – small, medium, and large alike – understand the importance of a robust enterprise mobility platform to manage and secure the corporate data on their employees’ devices. To address their growing needs, a number of enterprise mobility management (EMM) solution providers have cropped up in the market. Of note, Hitachi Content Platform (HCP) Anywhere is the industry’s only private enterprise mobility solution that allows employees to collaborate with co-workers and external parties to share files or folders anytime, anywhere, on any device, without compromising security or control of corporate information.

Why Enterprise Mobility is Key to A Digital Workforce

Considering the high stakes involved, it is highly critical for businesses to choose an EMM solution that meets their unique enterprise needs. Here are some of the factors that enterprises should consider when shopping for an EMM solution:

1. Mobility & Communication

The right EMM will equip your team with the capability to access customer data, manage projects, prioritize tasks, schedule appointments, communicate, and do more on-the-go wherever they are, on whatever device they are using seamlessly.

2. Cloud Connected Storage

A compelling EMM solution should either integrate a third-party cloud storage solution like Google Drive, Dropbox, and so on, or offer an in-house cloud storage solution, so that the employees never have to face storage capacity constraints.

3. Team Collaboration

Remote teams should be empowered to collaborate, coordinate and contribute seamlessly without being constrained by their geographical distances. They should be able to communicate effortlessly, share documents and files at the click of a button, and update each other on the status of the tasks they are handling with ease.

4. Device, Data, and Security Management

The best EMM solutions allow the capability of decentralized management of devices, wherein the users can bring their own devices (BYOD model) for a greater degree of freedom and ease of use. They should also feature a robust security system with rigid security parameters, data recovery, and data wipe-out capabilities to protect the corporate and customer data that the devices access and store.

5. e-Discovery and Compliance

The regulations and compliance requirements for managing user data are getting stricter by the day. Your EMM solution should enable you to be compliant with the regulations, by implementing the compliance requirements in the backend. Whenever required, the system should allow for easy review, and extraction of such data from the devices.

6. Centralized User Roles, and Permissions Management

This is one of the most critical requirements in every EMM solution. Your EMM platform should enable you to assign user roles for the various device users, and grant multi-tier permissions in accordance with their roles and responsibilities. Users should be granted access to corporate and customer data based on their positions.


A majority of the EMM solutions available in the market fall short on one or more of the abovementioned features. It is crucial for businesses to choose an EMM solution that not only offers critical requirements like data security, mobility, and device management, but also dramatically improves their productivity by empowering remote workforce to collaborate effortlessly and meaningfully.

Very few EMM solutions available today satisfy all of these criteria. Among them, HCP Anywhere stands tall and has become a core component of major enterprises’ digital transformation strategy, evolving from being a simple sync and share tool to offer world-class collaboration features. Developed from the ground up with a clear understanding that every enterprise has its own unique mobility needs, which cannot be met by a one-solution-fits-all model, HCP Anywhere addresses this challenge by offering extensive APIs and SDKs for developers to build mobility and productivity tools on its platform, so that organizations can meet their unique mobility needs effectively.

“HCP Anywhere has been a success for Hitachi Data Systems. Customers recognize the power HCP Anywhere has to transform not just the way they deliver user file services, but the way the HCP portfolio can transform their business. As a result, we are approaching one million paid enterprise users and realized 2X revenue growth over the previous fiscal year. Our strong compliance and security heritage coupled with our expertise in understanding and integrating into some of the most complex enterprise IT environments are just a few of the reasons we are seeing security conscious customers choose our solution over consumer oriented Dropbox or Box,” said Bob Primmer, vice president, Content, Mobility and Analytics, Hitachi Data Systems.

Contact us to learn more about how HCP Anywhere can create a protected digital workspace for your business and employees today. Asiapac is an authorised Amazon AWS partner in Singapore.


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