Why Microsoft’s New Surface Pro Is Taking over the Workplace

Published on 18 December 2017

You’ve hired the right person for the job, but have you thought about equipping them with the right tool to do their job? As technology continues to exert a greater influence in all aspects of our lives, businesses will find themselves having to adapt to changing norms for productivity boosts and to attract the best talent.

Workplace mobility is one such trend and it involves redrawing the boundaries of modern-day workspaces beyond that of a desk and its four walls.

According to CBRE’s inaugural WORK_IT: Technology | Workplace | Jobs survey, some 85% of employees in Asia Pacific expecting to see an increase in mobility in their future workplace. This signals a growing number of “companies will create office environments that improve staff satisfaction and comfort…technology will enable employees to customise their working location, allowing them greater flexibility in choosing, how, when and where to work.”

Here’s where Microsoft’s newest addition to the Surface family really shines. Simply named Surface Pro, the 12.3-inch display seamlessly transforms to suit any workspace imaginable. It’s a laptop, notebook, Studio, tablet and desktop PC packed into one ultra-portable device. It’s Microsoft’s most versatile Surface yet.

Here’s how the 2017 Surface Pro is now more refined and comfortable than its previous generations, delivering uncompromising mobility to users:

The power of a notebook, but lighter

The Surface Pro acts very much like your standard laptop when equipped with its complementary Type Cover keyboard which now comes in an ultra-posh Alcantara fabric finish. Optional accessories like the Surface Arc Mouse and all Windows apps including Office 365, which many professionals use in their day-to-day, work perfectly fine – a given, seeing as the 2-in-1 detachable device runs on a full-blown desktop-first operating system.

At just 8.5mm thin, the 2017 refresh packs a punch with the latest Intel seventh generation Kaby Lake Core m3-7Y30, Core i5-7300U and Core i7-7660U processors – a 20% performance increase than its predecessor. This compares well to some of the other high-performance consumer laptops available in the market right now.

While the Surface Pro its predecessor are identical in terms of size, the Core i5 and Core i7 models come in at 770g and 784g respectively. That makes it slightly lighter than its 786g Surface Pro 4 equivalent and is perfect for shuffling between meetings in town.

The Surface Pro also holds 50% more battery than the Surface Pro 4, clocking in 13.5 hours of video playback. It’s a battery that lasts as long as your day – a remarkable statement to make, even for a technology giant like Microsoft.

And we’re glad to report that the Surface Pro holds true to its word.

Most users report that 50 percent of battery life effortlessly carried them through five hours of constant usage. That’s in addition to powering a high-resolution PixelSense Display with a responsive 10-point multi-touch screen; a huge step forward in the convertible device category. Whether it’s ensuring that you have enough battery life to last you through back-to-back meetings or projecting stunning presentation visuals to close client deals, the Surface Pro has got you covered.

But not forgetting what makes a great tablet

Perhaps the most iconic feature of the Surface Pro is its adjustable kickstand – it’s what has kept fans of the range coming back time and time again, and it’s now even better. See things from a while new angle – up to 165 degrees to be precise – with the new Studio Mode.

In a mastery of cutting-edge engineering, the redesigned hinge with reworked resistance curve allows employees to fully immerse themselves into their work. Seamlessly move from research to ideation to production with even more natural writing and drawing angles using the Surface Pen or Surface Dial.

But a device can’t be truly versatile without total connectivity. LTE has been an area of focus for the Microsoft devices team for a while now. Come fall 2017, the Surface Pro will finally be 4G LTE-enabled, allowing you to enjoy the device’s versatility while working online on the go.

When all’s said and done…

If you’re looking to buy a sure-fire technoloy investment to ramp up workplace productivity, then look no further than the Surface Pro.

Touted as the “most versatile laptop” by Microsoft, the ultra-mobile device is one that can serve as a launchpad for businesses to succeed in the future workplace. Not only can your employees engage with customers better with a lightweight device, but they can also do so securely too. Protect sensitive information by taking and sharing meeting notes on the new Surface Pro with the Surface pen, rather than toting paper notebooks which can be easily misplaced and only referred to by a single user at a given point in time.

Empower your employees with digital-first workflows and improved collaboration by letting them work from virtually anywhere with the new Surface Pro. Place your order with us today!

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