The IT department has successfully graduated itself from a support role in enterprises to a more strategic one. With the inevitable digital transformation taking the organizations into the future, it is the IT department that is giving them the competitive edge. They need to differentiate themselves from the clutter and enjoy a competitive advantage in…

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The latest reports arriving from Hootsuite and We Are Social indicate that the number of internet users crossed 4 billion worldwide. That’s well over half of the world’s population. As humanity continues to make huge strides in digital innovation, more and more people, businesses, and public sector organizations are going online. Governments and their various…

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It is estimated that roughly 70 to 80 percent of annual IT budgets are spent on just running and maintaining the existing IT systems. The expense is not only in terms of hardware costs, but also in terms of the number of hours spent by the skilled IT talent on those systems. That’s a tremendous…

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