IT Infrastructure

The digital landscape is tumultuous. Imagine running everything seamlessly, as usual, then an ill-timed outage happens, spelling disaster for your business. According to Singtel, Singaporean companies lose about US$1 billion a year due to unforeseen downtime, from not just lost revenue but also data loss and recovery and delays in product development. While you may…

Tags:  Cloud-Based Backup & Recovery SolutionDisaster RecoveryEDR ProgrammeEndpoint Detect & ResponseIT Backup ServicesIT InfrastructureIT ManagementManaged IT ServicesManaged Services

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The world is experiencing an exponential change in all sectors. From finance to healthcare, industries are trying to keep up with rapidly advancing technology to stay ahead of competitors. Fuelled by the developments made in cloud computing, data solutions and overall IT infrastructure, businesses are increasingly able to do what was impossible just 5 years…

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There is a general agreement among IT professionals across all industries that the cloud is the future of IT. In fact, according to a recent Intel Security report, more than 93% of the 1400+ IT professionals it surveyed revealed that their organization was already using one or more cloud services. This growing trend is true…

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