Introducing Veeam: The Absolute Foundation on Which Your Business Continuity Stand

Published on 24 August 2020

How much does 1 hour of downtime cost to businesses on average?

According to a 2020 study, an average company loses over $100,000 on account of a single hour of downtime.

What’s even more startling is that roughly 33% of the surveyed organizations report potential losses of $1 to $5 million in the event of an hour-long downtime.

Evidently, downtime can break businesses overnight. Literally!

In the rapidly digitizing world, consumers, and even B2B clients, demand 24x7x365 availability and are ready to pay for it. The cost of downtime is quickly increasing and businesses across the world are compelled to build increasingly robust, reliable, and fast-recoverable systems.

At the same time, the digital transformation revolution keeps adding new complexities and challenges into the mix. Now, businesses must ensure data protection and recovery across several platforms, including public cloud, private cloud, hybrid cloud, VMs, hardware storage, and so on.

How do you bring more reliability and availability amidst this increasing complexity?


Introducing Veeam Backup Modernization Suites

A typical business manages sensitive corporate data in multiple environments and platforms, which makes data monitoring, backup, recovery, and reporting a challenging task. Traditionally, companies have used legacy backup solutions to protect corporate data. With the advent of cloud and virtualization, the same legacy solutions have been retrofitted for their “newer” purposes. This severely limits their capabilities when compared to something like Veeam solutions that are designed from the ground up for the cloud and virtualization era.

Here are some benefits offered by Veeam suite of backup solutions

  1. Direct Cost Savings

Businesses using Veeam solutions realize direct cost savings on account of a marked reduction in downtime. Two-thirds of the organizations using Veeam report that they spend 35% less time on data protection. Veeam users save an average of $50,000 a year due to improved performance and uptime.

  1. Frictionless Integration

Veeam’s solutions are designed for virtualized environments. They integrate seamlessly with hypervisor and their licenses can be easily migrated between VMware and Hyper-V environments too. Any new releases of virtualization environments are quickly supported by these solutions. What’s more, Veeam can easily integrate with your private cloud, public cloud, and hybrid cloud environments to deliver unmatched data availability, visibility, automation, and governance. In effect, Veeam’s solutions enable organizations to use their existing data backups to accelerate innovation.

  1. Automation

Built-in automation tools intelligently identify new apps, data, and workloads to automatically discover the best processes to back them up and optimize them for recovery. This ultimately frees human resources towards more mission-critical tasks.

  1. Mobility, Migration, and Off-site Backups

Veeam offers seamless portability across different environments. Its powerful replication features even allow for expedited seeding of infrastructure. On top of it, Veeam’s solutions offer WAN Acceleration, which identifies data blocks to be backed up and replicates them swiftly. Thanks to advanced capabilities like global caching, traffic compression, and variable length data fingerprinting, Veeam’s data backups can be up to 50% faster than standard file copy.

  1. Unbeatable Resilience

Loss of workloads is a potential nightmare scenario in the event of a data disaster. Veeam mitigates that risk with an automated backup of 100% of the workloads. And, the always-available nature of Veeam solutions makes recoveries up to 3x faster.

  1. Agentless

Veeam does not rely on agent-based backups. Instead, it offers a centralized console that your administrator can use to control every instance of your Veeam to manage, backup, and restore data across different VMs and cloud environments.

  1. It’s Revolutionary

The company claims that 96% of Veeam recoveries meet recovery time objectives in SLAs. Other benefits include 36% reduced backup software costs, 43% lower administrative overhead, 54% improved reliability, and so on. So, it’s no surprise that Gartner has named Veeam a leader for the fourth time in its 2020 Gartner Magic Quadrant report.

  1. Remote Backups

The size of the remote workforce is growing rapidly, which means that employees are working with critical corporate data on their desktops and laptops. Unlike the workplace in most companies, the workstation data (laptop or desktop in this case) in the case of remote workforce is the only place where work-in-progress data is stored, which exposes it to risks of accidental deletion. Veeam creates backups of laptop data too, thereby ensuring greater protection.

  1. Real-time Endpoint Security

We have all found ourselves in a situation where we were working for hours on a project in a Word Document, Excel Spreadsheet, or other office tool, only to close the window without saving the file. This is followed by a franctic search through temp files or autosaved files for our data. Sometimes, we get lucky and find the data, but in most cases, it’s just gone. Veeam’s built-in Office 365 Safeguards ensure that all Office 365 data is backed up securely to prevent permanent loss.


Leveraging Veeam with AsiaPac

As businesses ride the digital transformation wave, they need reliable technology partners that understand their unique business objectives and empower them with tools that augment their capabilities to realize them. AsiaPac has an unrivaled track record of delivering highly relevant technology tools to businesses that propel them into the future.

In partnership with Veeam, AsiaPac offers broad data management and visibility/control capabilities and a comprehensive orchestration engine that substantially improves the organization’s capabilities to manage, protect, and restore its sensitive data on any platform. Veeam’s unmatched delivery of disaster recovery and processing speed of data backups, combined with AsiaPac’s demonstrated excellence in providing companies with business objectives-oriented tools, helps growing startups, SMBs and enterprises with tailored solutions to maintain their operational integrity and secure their business continuity.


 For Startups and SMBs: 




For Mid and Large Enterprises:


Spearhead Your Business Planning and Objectives

Veeam backup modernization solutions – Veeam Availability Suite, Veeam Backup & Replication, and Veeam ONE – give businesses unprecedented control over their data safety and therefore, their business continuity. In doing so, they save not only the operational costs for businesses but also the opportunity costs arising from the inevitable downtimes.

To understand how Veeam’s solutions can improve your business performance, reduce inefficiencies, and realize direct cost savings, get in touch with us by clicking here.


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