According to a Techaisle study, hybrid cloud adoption is the highest among midsize companies. At 49%, they occupy the lion’s share of hybrid cloud adoption. Small businesses trail behind closely at 35%, and the large businesses account for only 20% of the hybrid cloud adoption. These numbers clearly have a story to tell. Hybrid cloud adoption…

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The COVID-19 pandemic has spawned a uniquely challenging environment that is all at once overwhelming, pervasive and seemingly unrelenting. Businesses in every industry, economy, and geography are faced with an existential threat, and with each passing day, more of them are shutting shops. Gartner estimates that only 12% of the businesses are prepared to deal…

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In a surprise announcement in early 2019, HPE and Nutanix announced that they are joining forces to offer enterprises the cloud experience of HPE hardware combined with the Nutanix’s single-click simplicity in a seamlessly integrated ecosystem. The unprecedented move by HPE (traditionally loathed to partnerships) made Nutanix the official software partner of its hyper-converged infrastructure…

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