HCI Reimagined: HPE on Nutanix, a Future-Focused Joint Service

Published on 14 April 2020

In a surprise announcement in early 2019, HPE and Nutanix announced that they are joining forces to offer enterprises the cloud experience of HPE hardware combined with the Nutanix’s single-click simplicity in a seamlessly integrated ecosystem.

The unprecedented move by HPE (traditionally loathed to partnerships) made Nutanix the official software partner of its hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI) offerings. This marriage effectively brings a superior level of support to customers already using Nutanix’s Enterprise Cloud OS software on HPE hardware, while allowing new customers to deploy a fully integrated solution swiftly.

However, the impact of the partnership on the IT operations of the businesses goes beyond mere convenience. The collaboration has opened up new avenues, streamlined existing growth opportunities, and altogether promises to make IT organizations more cost-efficient, highly scalable, and drastically more productive.

HPE and Nutanix’s collaboration introduces two infrastructure solutions to enterprises:

  • HPE GreenLake on Nutanix Enterprise Cloud OS software subscription services
  • HPE ProLiant DX with factory-installed Nutanix Enterprise Cloud OS software

The two offerings provide enterprises with the choices they need to deploy an infrastructure solution that meets their specific business needs.

GreenLake on Nutanix

HPE GreenLake is a IT-as-a-service offering that brings the cloud experience to your on-premises infrastructure and unifies your edges, clouds, and data centers. The usage is metered, and the enterprises pay only as per their usage.

The HPE-Nutanix partnership offers a turnkey hybrid cloud infrastructure that’s set up at the client’s data centers or colocation facilities. The package includes the HPE hardware and the Nutanix Enterprise Cloud OS software to deliver fully-managed hyper-converged infrastructure as a service that rivals public cloud services in ways that matter the most.

For one, the enterprises get the security and control of in-house hybrid cloud infrastructure. Secondly, the SaaS model eliminates all the support tasks for the client’s IT staff, thereby allowing them to focus on mission-critical tasks like innovation, customer experience, and others, instead. Thirdly, HPE GreenLake’s subscription offerings allow enterprises to migrate from an ownership model to an as a service model with no capacity restriction compared to a basic IT lease and shorten by 65% time to market of the enterprise IT teams

A terrific benefit of HPE GreenLake on the Nutanix solution is the availability of Nutanix’s free Acropolis hypervisor for virtualization. While VMware and Microsoft integrated virtualization offerings are already available with HPE GreenLake, the HPE-Nutanix partnership now adds Nutanix AHV hypervisor as one of its offerings. If nothing, the Acropolis stack saves enterprises 15% to 18% on costs when compared to a VMware stack.

The HPE GreenLake on Nutanix solution offers several other benefits like radically simple infrastructure, extreme scalability, one-click upgrades, on-board storage resources in some hardware, and much more.

Operating At The Speed Of New Opportunities

Maintaining a close strategic partnership with Nutanix and HPE, AsiaPac now provides a Nutanix bundle where businesses can adopt HPE Apollo or ProLiant DX series appliances with Nutanix Enterprise Cloud OS software factory-installed on them. With this solution, the simplicity of Nutanix software is now available on the hardware of one of the biggest server vendors in the world, HPE.

This arrangement offers an appliance model to the enterprises, wherein they get an in-house hardware-software system over which they have full ownership but is fully supported by the HPE-Nutanix combine.

HPE appliances on Nutanix give enterprises the control and security of a private cloud environment while delivering the ease, simplicity, and agility of public cloud services. They can leverage the full breadth of features on offer from the Nutanix software, including computing, storage, network, and virtualization functionalities.

AsiaPac holds not only a master partner tier for Nutanix, but is also the official reselling partner for HPE-Nutanix joint solutions, so rest assured that you will always have expert guidance to ensure every step on your journey takes you on the smoother paths to reach your goals. Currently offering a multitude of HPE GreenLake offerings and flexible bundle packages tailored to suit the specific needs of businesses, get in touch with us for full pricing and tailored support and services.

On-Demand Packages Available:

  1. VSAN-aaS
  2. GreenLake with Nutanix Enterprise Cloud-aaS
  3. Backup-aaS

New Revenue Streams to Drive Business Growth

HPE and Nutanix both have projected tremendous returns on investment for businesses that choose their combined offerings. HPE expects a 40% increase in productivity of IT staff, and 35% reduction in deployment time for IT projects in enterprises that embrace the HPE GreenLake on Nutanix subscription. 30% savings in Capex and 90% reduction in IT support and professional services costs are also part of the company’s projections. Nutanix, on the other hand, is predicting a 60% reduction in the 5-year cost of IT operations.

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