Key Advantages of Robotic Process Automation for Your Business Operations

Published on 20 July 2022

What is Robotic Process Automation?

In 2020, the World Economic Forum expected that machines and automation would eliminate 85 million jobs by 2025, and they will create 97 million new jobs to meet newfound needs in robotics. Robots bring about precision and efficiency that no humans can rival. With recent breakthroughs in technology, robots can adapt and make decisions in real-time operating conditions and situations.

With the immeasurable value they bring to the workplace, robots are here to stay. As technology continues to advance, robotics will create a more significant impact on the way we work. Thus, it will force the companies to adapt to this new technology or risk falling behind. Thankfully, harnessing the power of robotics is not rocket science, as you can do it through robotic process automation.

RPA and “Software Bots”

Instead of life-sized constructs made from bolts and nuts, Robotic Process Automation (RPA) allows users to create ‘software robots’, abbreviated as ‘bots’. It can observe human digital actions and execute rules-based business processes. These bots interact with applications or systems the same way an average human would, except that they can operate tirelessly round the clock with maximum precision. RPA bots are also intuitive enough to configure and share.

UiPath, RPA Partner in Singapore

Companies across numerous industries are already employing RPA bots in their day-to-day operations in Singapore. One notable example you may have come across is call centres, where bots are programmed to handle basic customer queries and record the category of users’ requests by prompting them to input a number after each response. Based on these responses, the call is then forwarded to the best customer service representative for the question.

AsiaPac is an established partner of UiPath, an automation software company dedicated to shaping the future of work through its RPA bots. We develop and configure these bots with enterprise-grade technology with the user-friendly interface of an everyday application, making it a versatile, intuitive solution for any kind of business.

What are the benefits of using RPA bots for your business in Singapore?

Boost Workplace Productivity

When you assign RPA bots to do routine and mundane tasks, you leave humans to complete tasks more suited for our humanistic traits–such as idea generation and communicating with customers. Employees will be able to make better use of their skill sets and spend less time and energy on manual tasks. As you have now delegated the tasks to both humans and bots, you can achieve more in a single workday.

Improve Efficiency

The work output of bots far exceeds that of any human being. RPA bots can carry out data extraction and data manipulation quickly and leave no error in the process. Unlike humans, these RPA bots do not need to take breaks as well. You can program these RPA bots to continue working even when employees have gone home. Therefore, when you make use of RPA bots, more work is done in a faster and more precise manner, improving work efficiency by reducing processing times and processing costs.

RPA bots in different sectors in Singapore

As mentioned earlier, robots can work more efficiently than a human, and software robots share this same trait. Let us take a look at some applications of RPA in different industries in Singapore.

RPA bots in the Finance Sector

In the data-intensive finance sector, RPA can help to eliminate manual data entry processes in the data-intensive finance sector. Bots can use intelligent document processing to extract only the most essential data from claims and statements. It can consolidate this information into structured sheets for the employee to review.  The bot can also ensure compliance with KYC (Know Your Customer) and AML (Anti-Money Laundering) regulations and identify fraud by monitoring accounts constantly.

RPA bots in the Healthcare Sector

With RPA, you can automate many processes, leaving employees to do what is most crucial — providing the necessary care for patients. When a patient contacts the clinic, attended automation can retrieve existing patient data, allowing for quicker scheduling and faster follow-up. Like in the finance industry, bots can also process claims, extract necessary data and process payments. RPA bots can help manage many aspects of patients’ accounts for larger healthcare organisations with many patients, such as denials management, appointment requests, and transference of data across different medical departments.

Technology companies have used UiPath’s RPA solution to automate over 50 million tasks annually, freeing up valuable time and resources for overstretched healthcare professionals to look after their patients.

RPA bots in the Manufacturing Sector

Manufacturing companies can benefit from RPA by automating back-office processes, saving time and reducing costs. RPA bots can monitor your inventory round the clock and analyse them to provide real-time updates so that you can be aware of demand fluctuations. You can minimise human error by using RPA bots to monitor transportation outcomes and costs. RPA bots make supply chain processes such as the onboarding of new vendors seamless. Therefore, you can focus on delivering quality service and maintaining customer/vendor relationships.

RPA bots in the Public Sector

There are often many things to be addressed in the public sector that there may be little to no bandwidth to improve existing technologies. As the public becomes more tech-savvy due to consumer-grade applications and services, they will need new technology. Thankfully, RPA bots can provide the solution to this growing demand. RPA bots are designed to work with any existing systems, connecting them and allowing information to travel unhindered. Forms can also be modernised, optimising data collection and consolidating them instantly. Government agencies can also save costs when using RPA automation, reducing reliance on external contractors to handle complex tasks.

Why Engage AsiaPac For your RPA needs in Singapore

At AsiaPac, we help many organisations in their automation digital transformation journey. We partner with UiPath which empower customers to build fully automated enterprises using the most robust, highest-rated, and most widely adopted Robotic Process Automation (RPA) platform available. 

Contact us to understand how UiPath can help your company improve your workplace productivity and efficiency.

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