Empowering Businesses with Greener IT Solutions

Published on 08 November 2023

In an era defined by environmental concerns, the Information Technology (IT) industry finds itself at the forefront of both challenges and solutions. The quest for digital transformation, while bringing immense opportunities, has also led to significant environmental consequences, including electronic waste (e-waste), energy consumption and resource depletion. Sustainable IT solutions offer a promising path towards a greener, more responsible future. AsiaPac, committed to sustainable and socially responsible technology integration, is at the forefront of empowering businesses to build a greener future with innovative IT solutions.

The IT Industry’s Role in Sustainability

Sustainability in IT is not just being eco-conscious. It also brings about economic benefits. Sustainable IT solution brings about reduced operational cost, energy savings and enhanced corporate responsibility. The IT industry as a whole plays an important role here.

AsiaPac’s Commitment to Sustainability

AsiaPac is fully dedicated to ensuring that its services are environmentally friendly and aligned with sustainability goals. We understand the climate crisis and the increasing energy costs require future-proofing the support we provide to our customers. To create a sustainable and responsible future for greener IT solutions, we’ve embraced four effective strategies:

Reducing Carbon Footprint

We help our clients minimize the carbon footprint of their IT operations. One of our solutions, in partnership with Lenovo servers, includes a carbon offset service, ensuring that new servers are net zero carbon, thereby replacing old, high-carbon footprint servers. This is one of the many examples that we have with our technology partners bringing more energy efficient IT equipment as part of our solution

Greener Data Centers

We collaborate with our partners to drive Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) in data centers down to as close as 1.2. This includes energy efficient IT equipment and cooling solutions.

Sustainable Recovery and Recycling Services

We offer services that ensure the sustainable disposal and recycling of IT equipment, reducing electronic waste and its environmental impact. Working with partners like Dell, we provide e-waste recycling programs for our customers. 

Innovative Consumption of IT Requirements

Our solutions, based on the consumption model, promote sustainable consumption of IT resources, ensuring that businesses only use what they need, reducing waste and energy consumption. This solution also helps future proof our customers’ IT requirements and roadmap.

Collaborative Sustainability Efforts

At AsiaPac, we understand that achieving sustainability goals requires a collective effort. We collaborate with organizations like M1 and Keppel, uniting our sustainability initiatives to create a more environmentally responsible future. We provide our clients with tools to track and audit their carbon footprint, helping them meet their internal Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) goals.

The Future of Sustainability in IT

Environment banner with people hands saving the planet

The future of sustainable IT looks promising. Emerging technologies such as AI and IoT are being harnessed to lower the energy consumption, thereby helping organizations commit to a greener practice. 

As Mr. Andrew Cheng, our Managing Director, aptly puts it, “We are committed to conducting our business in an environmentally sustainable manner, actively investing in and innovating solutions that pave the way for a more sustainable future.”

In alignment with M1’s sustainability goals, AsiaPac believes in offering sustainable technology solutions and actively supports homegrown businesses and local enterprises that prioritize sustainable practices. The future of business lies in embracing innovative and greener IT solutions, and AsiaPac is committed to empowering businesses to reduce their environmental impact, lower costs, and embrace sustainability as a core principle of their operations. Together, we can build a more sustainable and environmentally responsible future.

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